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Chadwick Ranch – Lodging and Use Fees and Policies

The following policies and fees were adopted by the board effective 7/8/2023




As of July 9, 2023, the following fee structure will apply to use of the lodging facilities at Dube Farms, Chadwick, Texas.


Usage of the lodging facilities will be through the online booking process or direct communication with the booking manager designated by the executive board.  All bookings must be made by an owner.  All bookings must be approved by confirmation email and shown as confirmed on the booking site to be valid.  Bookings will report the names of all parties who will use the facility for that booking and fees will be based on the booking information. Owners will be invoiced based on the booking so book accurately.

Each owner will be limited to 2 non-consecutive reservations during a sliding 3 month window with each reservation lasting no longer than 1 week running from Wednesday to Wednesday normally. Scheduled maintenance or work days are exempted from this limit.  Standard booking day runs noon to noon.  Check-in will be after noon of the first day of the reservation and check-out will be before noon of the last day of the reservation.


Daily use fee of $50/day per occupant over the age of 12 years.

These fees are to cover utility, insurance, and normal maintenance costs of the lodging facility.  Additional fees may apply to cover damages that would be considered to exceed normal wear.

Excluded from this fee are stays for scheduled maintenance and workdays that have been previously approved by the executive board.

Fees will be made payable to Dube Farms, Inc. and submitted to the treasurer by check or using Zelle within 30 days to avoid a hold on future bookings.


This facility is for family and extended family use only.  Exceptions will be made for work crews or on a case-by-case basis as determined by the executive board.


Any individual who will use the facility shall have a signed liability release on file with the executive board prior to any use of the facility.

Yes hot water !

Hot water is back working.  We still need to replace the temp/pressure relief valve, but the heater was not damaged, only the valve.  Thanks to everyone for your support.  We will be using the extra funds to make some much needed improvements to the kitchen.  B.P.